Rubber and Braided Brake Hoses

Rubber brake hoses

Rubber Brake Hoses

With over 1000 different types of hose end fittings available, we pride ourselves on our ability to make any brake or clutch hose. We have hundreds on the shelf ready to go, or if you can wait 15 minutes we can make a new one on the spot. Special hoses can be made on request. If it's an odd hose, or unrecognisable, we will need the old hose as a sample to make sure the end fittings are correctly aligned on the new hose.

Call in, post or courier your sample hose to us for immediate attention.
For your convenience, there is a handy label for your parcel below.
Customers from all over Australia order hoses from Power Brakes.
We will happily discuss making hoses to your specifications for modified vehicles, this includes: racing, historic and classic cars.
An example of old style snake skin rubber hose

Old Style 'Snakeskin' Hoses Now Available

We can now supply on request replacement hoses like the early crinkly snakeskin  rubber hoses from the 1940's.

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Street Legal Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

Power Brakes has the technology to manufacture street legal stainless steel braided hoses and is  the state's largest manufacturer.

The following colours are available: electric blue, dark blue, yellow, orange, red, green, charcoal, black and silver (clear). This colour range is popular for motorcycle applications.

All hoses manufactured by Power Brakes are 100% compliant with the Australian Standard for brake hoses (SAE J1401) and are available in rubber and stainless steel.

The cost of a braided hose is determined by its length. Our database of hose end fittings, accessories, clips, brackets, washers, lock nuts and armouring is comprehensive, and includes stainless steel fittings for marine applications, e.g., boat trailers.

When you can't identify your old hose, send it to us as a sample so we can make sure the end fittings are correctly aligned in relation to one another on the new hose.
Hose making, Power Brakes Adelaide

  • Incorrect Lengths - too short and the hose can pull out. Too long and the hose may come into contact with the wheel or chassis on full lock, bump or droop
  • Old Age - signs of visible cracking
  • Obvious Leaks
  • Damage Due To Chafing
  • Swelling or Contamination by engine oil or transmission fluids.

Just post, courier or deliver your parts in leak proof packaging to:

Power Brakes,
613 North East Rd,
Gilles Plains,
South Australia, 5086

for prompt guaranteed attention.

Australia Post, and most delivery companies, provide a tracking service that follows delivery and return of your goods.

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