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Brake doctor with brake shoe

If new shoes are unobtainable, just post or courier yours to us for bonding.
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Set of brake shoes

Older vehicles undergoing restoration are most likely to have had their drums machined at least once in their life. If you can measure your brake drum diameter, this will tell us how much the machined drum is oversize.
If so, we can bond oversize linings to the shoes to minimise adjustment, and radius grind the shoes to give immediate full contact. If you are uncertain about the drum diameter, just cut a length of steel rod so that it fits neatly inside the drum and send it with your brake shoes.

Sample bonded shoe


We use different types of linings for various applications.  We have an alternative moulded roll lining which works well in steel drums, older transmission bands and for industrial applications. This replaces the old asbestos type woven material.

If you're unsure about your requirements, call us on (08) 82610888.
Or print out our address label. For your convenience, there is a handy label for your package below. Include your contact details and send your brake shoes to us directly. Most delivery companies operate a tracking service that follows delivery of your brake shoes.

For your convenience, we have attached a handy label for you to print out for your package.
Make sure to include a Phone Number so we can contact you once we have received it:


Remember...Australia Post delivers parcels up to 22kgs

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