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Q) If a caliper is not leaking, why worry?
A)  If the caliper is not leaking fluid there is a temptation to assume it doesn't need attention.
However after big mileage's the pistons will become "sticky" in the bore. This results in the pads
     rubbing constantly even when the brakes are "off." Each successive set of new pads will wear
     faster than before. Caliper pistons must move freely.

Q) What about calipers with handbrakes?
A)  These calipers may leak through the inbuilt handbrake mechanism because of corrosion and
      seal failure. Power Brakes can sleeve this critical bore and successfully restore these units.

Q) What about calipers with broken bleeders?
A)  Most broken bleeders can be removed and replaced thus saving the cost of replacing the caliper.

Q) Can caliper bodies be sleeved?
A)  Most modern calipers, in which the seal is stationary, do not need sleeving. In this case it is the
piston surface that needs to be without blemish. Corroded or marked caliper bores in which the
     seal moves with the piston should be sleeved.

Q) What is the cost to restore the average caliper?
A)  Cost ultimately depends on how many pistons need replacing, due to wear or scoring. This can
     only be established after the caliper/s have been stripped and cleaned.We can only give
     you a best and worst case scenario based on how many new pistons might be needed.
     Usually, one or more pistons need replacing per caliper and these generally range in cost from
$30 - $60 each.
     A phone call to us on:
     (08) 8261 0888
or an email to: will help answer that one for you.

Q) How can I get my calipers to you?
A)  We suggest that you use the excellent Australia Post parcel service. Alternatively, you can use a
      courier service that is convenient to you. Most delivery companies operate a
      tracking service that follows delivery of your calipers. Just be sure to send them in leak
      proof packaging. We will acknowledge receipt and give you a firm quote before proceeding.

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