Other Brake Component Services

Brake doctor with disc and drum

Disc and Drum Machining

At Power Brakes, we can machine standard, slotted and drilled discs up to a diameter of 360mm (14¼ inches), and drums up to 660mm (26 inches).

Before machining drums or discs, we measure the thickness, bead blast and check mounting faces for truth. Because of this, and the variations in condition, size and type of drum or disc, we must treat and price each job individually based on the time taken.

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Disc Rotors and Brake Drums Machined on site

We might find that it's unwise to machine your discs, because they may have warped or are worn below their minimum thickness. This might also apply to your drums if they have reached or exceeded their maximum diameter.

In that case, we can probably supply you with new discs or drums. We are stockists of RDA products and keep a wide selection of discs and drums on hand.
Brake doctor machining drum
The brake doctor with a bundy pipe

Pipe Manufacturing

Power Brakes can make all types of brake pipes, as well as the occasional petrol or transmission pipes.

Pipe fittings

We stock large quantities of bundy tubing in the regular sizes of 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8, as well as stainless steel tubing in 3/16 and 1/4.

We keep a complete range of fittings such as tube and flare nuts, joiners, adaptors and pipe saddle clamps in stock. Some of these we have in stainless steel for marine purposes.

To make most pipes, we will need a sample, especially if it needs bending into shape.
Kelpro Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly

Wheel Bearing Hub Assemblies

Power Brakes now stocks a range of Kelpro Wheel Bearing Hub Assemblies to suit most vehicle applications. Price and availability is available upon request.

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