Here's a list of Brake Doctor services available to you:

  • Brake and Clutch Masters, Clutch Slave and Wheel Cylinders sleeved and remanufactured with stainless steel bores.

  • Kelpro Wheel Bearing Hub Assemblies.
  • Disc brake calipers rebuilt using new pistons when necessary.

  • Brake Boosters and Servos. Most models Car and Truck Remanufactured and tested.

  • Brake and Clutch Hoses made in rubber and braided stainless. Street legal in 9 colours.

  • Brake shoes, new or bonded, standard or oversize, for just about every application

  • Disc pads and rotors for vehicles dating back into the 1960s

  • Industrial and Vintage brake bands.

  • Bundy tubing, brake pipes made to sample with fittings supplied

  • Truck vacuum and compressed air components, such as valves and actuators reconditioned.

  • Drums and discs machined.

A Reconditioned Master Cylinder
A Reconditioned Master Cylinder
A Reconditioned Booster
A Reconditioned Brake Booster

Remember...Australia Post delivers parcels up to 22kgs EVERYWHERE.