Your Power Brakes Guarantee

Customers often ask us about a guarantee on our work and products.

The fact that POWER BRAKES is still in the brake business after 60 years, is evidence that we have kept pace with technology and have a genuine concern for our customers.

When giving guarantees on work and products, there are some areas over which we have control, and some areas over which we have no control.

We can, and do, guarantee any machining work done on any brake component. This means we will make good on any fault if it is due to faulty workmanship on our part. That is an unconditional promise.

Where we fit a stainless steel sleeve to a hydraulic cylinder we expect that cylinder bore to last the natural life of the vehicle, and we offer that guarantee.

All brake components have an average life span. That is, we expect a certain mileage from a set of pads, discs, hydraulic cylinders, boosters, etc. If we supply new parts, or parts of our own manufacture, that do not meet your expectations, and ours, we guarantee to replace the items concerned.

We will do this gladly, because, above all else, we value the good will of our customers.

However, we obviously have no control over a job or product after it leaves the factory and goes into service. This means, for instance, that we cannot guarantee anything associated with racing cars.

It doesn't mean we won't fix things on racing cars. It's simply that we cannot accept responsibility for what happens on the race track. Even Formula1 Ferraris have brake problems!

In the real world we find most problems occur when new or replacement parts are being fitted. In this area we are always willing to assist with advice.

While we obviously cannot reasonably accept responsibility for everything that happens in service we will always be sympathetic and helpful.

In short...POWER BRAKES offer 60 years of specialised experience in the brake business...60 years of successful trading based on the simple philosophy of goodwill, customer service and safety.

Yours sincerely,

The Brake Doctor