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Holden Torana LX 1976 1977 1978
We have endeavoured to list as many items as we can, however we keep many more items than we are able to list on our web shop. If you can't find the information you need Send an email with model details and what infomation you can and we will reply to any enquiry.

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Front Brake Hose to fit Holden HQ HZ Torana LH LX 432mm

HQ 71-73 HZ 77-79 LH 74-76 LX 76-79 432mm

New Front Brake Hose 432mm To SuitHOLDEN HQ 1971 1972 1973Sedan Stationwagon Utility6 & 8 Cylinder Engines FITS FRONT DRUM BRAKE VEHICLES ONLYHOLDEN HZ 1977 1978 1979Sedan Stationwagon Utility and One TonnerTORANA LH 1974 1975 1976Disc Brakes Front (Not XU2 L34)TORANA LX 1976 1977 1978Disc Brakes Front (Not A9X)Manufactured on site with new zinc plated ends.


Rear Brake Hose Fits HG Holden LH LX Torana 305mm

LH 1974 - 1976 LX 1976 - 1978 & HG 1970 - 1971 305mm

Rear Brake Hose 305mmTo SuitHOLDEN HG 1970 1971 SEDAN / STATIONWAGON / UTE HOLDEN TORANA LH 1974 1975 1976 ALL ENGINESHOLDEN TORANA LX 1976 1977 1978ALL ENGINESManufactured on site with new zinc plated ends.


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