Reconditioned Proportioning Valves

A load sensitive proportioning valve

Power Brakes is familiar with many hydraulic brake valves. We can overhaul most valves fitted to passenger vehicles. These include proportioning and load sensitive valves; pressure differential and adjustable valves.

We stock a wide range of seals for these valves to ensure reconditioning is available to as many as possible. Because of the complex nature of these valves, we prefer to service them on site.
Sorry, we are not able to supply kits,because there are so many different types of valves in use we often have to modify the internals to suit alternative seals. For this reason we can only service your valve in house.
Brake doctor with various valves

New Adjustable Proportioning Valves

Along with our reconditioning service we can also supply adjustable proportioning valves with both lever and knob action. These are particularly useful for competition vehicles, hot rods, kit cars or brake upgrades.

Also available are inline line valves with a residual pressure of 10psi for drum brake vehicles, and 2psi for disc brakes where you have the master cylinder mounted low in the chassis.

You can find out more by heading to our shop and looking in Component/kit car where we list other parts as well.

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