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Q1) Why do wheel and master cylinders leak?
For lots of reasons but mainly because the rubber seals wear over time. They can also lose their
      elasticity. They can swell with contaminated fluids or oil and can be damaged when working in a
      scored or corroded cylinder.

Q2) What causes brake cylinders to corrode?
Modern brake fluids are a mix of chemicals designed to achieve the high boiling point necessary
       to meet the demands of modern disc brakes. Brake fluid is also hygroscopic, which means that
       it attracts moisture from the atmosphere.
       Moisture absorbed into the brake fluid starts the bore corroding and significantly lowers the
       boiling point of the fluid.

Q3) Can this corrosion be removed by honing?
Usually the corrosion is far too deep, and honing just makes the cylinder oversize. This
piston clearance causes instability of the piston, and damage and premature failure of
       the rubber


Pitted wheel cylinder boreSleeved wheel cylinder bore

Notice the differences between the two bores of the wheel cylinder bodies.
The one on the left shows signs of wear and corrosion.
The pit marks will only cause the cylinder to leak and eventually fail.
The cylinder on the right has a stainless steel sleeve that provides a
permanent ideal surface for the rubber seals.


Q4) How does Power Brakes restore worn old corroded and oversize brake cylinders?
By precision boring the worn cylinder and pressing in a new non-corrosive stainless steel sleeve.
      This sleeve resists the corrosive attack of the unstable nature of the brake fluid used in braking
      systems today. It also provides a permanent ideal surface for the hard working rubber seals.
      The cylinder bore is now better than new.

      Another advantage is that when certain cylinders are very expensive or are no longer available
      new, sleeving becomes an attractive alternative.

      We also have a moral responsibility to conserve the world's precious resources by recycling,
      rather than carelessly junking complex castings.


Q5) Does the trade recognise sleeved cylinders as an accepted repair procedure?
Yes it does. Hydraulic cylinders are currently being sleeved all over the world. Government
       departments, that have the highest standards to maintain, are making use of stainless steel
Since 1956, Power Brakes has successfully sleeved and remanufactured tens of
       thousands of cylinders.


Sleeved master cylinder cutaway

Q6) So in summary, what's in it for me?
A sleeved cylinder is superior to a new cylinder because of its non-corrosive bore. This service
       is particularly valuable when new cylinders are excessive in price or are no longer available.
      Our sleeved cylinders have a proven record of a long life and are ideal for classic cars that are
      used only on rare occasions.
Power Brakes has an extensive range of repair kits, individual parts and information to assist

Q7) Do you offer a guarantee on Power Brakes products and sleeved cylinders?
  A) Yes we do...for more information visit Power Brakes "Your Guarantee" page for details.

Q8) How can I get my cylinders to you?
You can send your cylinders for restoration with confidence to:
       Power Brakes (SA) Pty Ltd., 613 North East Road, Gilles Plains SA 5086 using Australia
       Post, couriers or any service that is convenient for you. Most delivery companies operate a
       tracking service that follows delivery of your cylinders. We will acknowledge receipt and advise
Note: Please pack your cylinders so that they can't bounce around in the box, or they may punch
     through the wall of the carton. Use enough foam, crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap or other
     packing material to fill the box.
Be sure to drain any brake fluid from assembled cylinders. If cylinders are wet, double wrap
     them in plastic bags so they do not leak into the packaging.

Q9) What about new cylinders?
We carry a huge range of new cylinders at very competitive prices. Phone us on:
    (08) 82610888 to check on price and availability.

For your convenience, we have attached a handy label for you to print out for your package.
Make sure to include a Phone Number so we can contact you once we have received it:

Cylinder being measuredCylinder being sleevedCylinder being checked for quality

Remember...Australia Post delivers parcels up to 22kgs

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